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Welcome on board the Travel Fundu Marketing Platform



Welcome on board our one-of-a-kind website named the Travel Fundu Online Marketing Platform! This platform have been specifically developed for individuals of any culture group to either use for making reservations with tourism and hospitality service providers or alternatively as a marketing tool for businesses to promote products and services to the outside public. 


Travelers from all over the world can choose from an wide range of Services to book, such as those in the hospitality sector, transport companies and other related service providers that may be of assistance in fulfilling the needs of holiday tourists as well as business advertisers. 


These services may include car rental companies, airport and hotel transferring services, coach charter companies, tour operations and accommodation facilities. 


We also provide assistance to corporate travelers  who are in the need of searching for meeting halls, exhibition centres, team building facilities and venues to hold end year functions or to celebrate a special occasion.


Some of our well known travel partners we work in  affiliation with, is TravelStart.co.za and SafariNow.com who offers quality accommodation and flight packages to both local and international tourists who strives in delivering quality at the best possible rates.


Our main mission was deeply focused on businesses with whom clients can connect when either planning a vacation or business trip which in return, can provide a good review to the public of its service delivery and customer satisfaction for furure referrals.


How is the website's functionality and who can benefit from this travel platform?


First of all, the functionality of each of our applications are built to bring a user friendly experience suitable for all types of individuals for doing an online reservation, listing an advertisement or to make online purchases in a seamless way.


Our two target markets are mainly tourists and business marketers which in their own capacity, will benefit from either making online reservations with the busniness advertiser or alternatively receiving client responses as travel inquiries will be streaming in from all over the world.


Local and international tourists can be sure that this platform will definitely exceed their expectations when it comes to the quality service assistance that are offered, regardless of race or ethnic group.


Thirdly, when clients use this platform to make online arrangements, there should be clear communication between the client, advertiser and the online booking agent who assists with the planning.


What type of business services can travelers expect to find?


There are quite many types of business services travelers can expect to find on our affiliate partner websites, which in addition, we provide access to on the Travel Fundu website, for the convenience of our valued clients in searching for a particular travel destination.


This may include car rental agencies, accommodations, transfer services such as for transport to and from the airport or hotel apartment, flight ticketing and agencies providing coach tours and safari outings for those adventure seekers who prefers nature at its best! 


With this, we have included a very handy search button as well as the option to filter out selected products or services, for deciding between only a selected number of facilities according to business type, category, service inclusions and city where it is located in stead of scrolling from top to bottom and not being able to immediately find the desired accommodation establishment in between hundreds of directory listings.



Well known South African cities whereby holiday guests can view a wide range of popular coastal cities such as Jeffreys Bay in Cape Town, Paternoster in the West Coast and Ballito in the North Coast. Looking at countries further down the African borders, tourists will find a good number of attractions providing entertainment for all those who seeks adventure.


Some of these activities may scuba diving, zip line, 4×4 off road tracks and bungee jumping when driving through countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Mozambique. As for cultural enthusiasts looking to explore historic heritage sites internationally, there are quite a variety of well known attractions. Examples as such are the Eiffel Tower in France, St Paul's Cathedral in the United Kingdom and the Berlin Cathedral in Germany.


In South Africa, for instance, there is the world renown Kruger National Park in located in Phalaborwa which stretches a massive 360 kilometers from North to South. It boasts all of Africa's big five wild animals namely lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards.


And not to forget, there is the Tiffendale Ski Resort in Drakensberg for those who enjoys skiing in the winter!


Helpful benefits implemented to assist businesses


There are also some helpful benefits implemented to assist businesses with their organisational workflow. This includes dealing with client queries concerning a listing and and receiving payments through an online payment gateway installed on the platform.

This medium of advertising is considered the best way to interact with the advertiser to give through some important details about the product or service. Furthermore, to make searching easier on our Business Directory, listings can also be filtered by main category, subcategory, type, amenities, availability and location.


Seek more information from our travel agents 


For more information, kindly refer to Contact to receive immediate feedback to seek assistance from one of our experienced travel agents in receiving an immediate response upon your request.

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Let us assist with your reservations

Besides online business advertising, let us assist you with handling your travel reservations, which includes one or more of the following services:


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For more information on our service offerings, kindly send your inquiry via email to travelfundu@gmail.com or contact us on (+27) 76 792 3607.